image006Many of the best students become muddled when writing. With so much to include — literature reviews, background, facts, theories, findings, quotations —  it’s easy to get frustrated.

Even with the best outlines, writers can get lost. You may know what you want to say, but where to begin, or how best to say it, or which word tense to use can be overwhelming. Feeling sunk, some writers avoid writing; others cope by writing oceans of words and then drowning in the draft. Others surf the Internet or Facebook for escape!

Coaching sessions can help you identify obstacles and map out a workable outline to complete your project. As a coach, I listen carefully, reflect ideas and:

  • Explore issues that might be blocking you
  • Identify your writing habits, increase the good and drop the bad
  • Help you clarify your thesis, primary points
  • Help you identify:
    • ambiguities and roadblocks
    • supports — faculty, friends, family, writing groups
    • additional research and writing steps
    • tasks to do when blocked (e.g., add references, freewrite)
    • what to cut and what to keep
    • strategies to help move you forward
    • when “enough is enough”

Outlines are key to successful writing. In coaching, I help you:

  • Write, or review or revise an outline
  • Create a workable schedule to complete the outline

Coaching provides a nonjudgmental “ear” and support and encouragement so you can focus and move forward.

Coaching Fee: $55 per 1-hour session