While I, (DBA: WordWise Academic Editing) take great care in editing documents, final responsibility for the meaning and use of the document belongs to the student or client. Clients must carefully read through their edited papers, word for word, to ensure that the meaning has not been inadvertently changed in the editing process. Clients should also consider all editorial suggestions and questions embedded in brackets [like this] and respond to them. If using the Microsoft Track Changes program, students need to accept or reject the editorial changes throughout the document and carefully review it so that typos do not appear once the changes are accepted or rejected.

Also, some papers require substantial rewriting (by the student) and cannot be “fixed” with one copy edit. In these cases, I’ll edit the paper, suggest ways to improve it, and recommend a second edit (at additional cost) after corrections are made. I cannot promise higher grades or academic accolades, but I can improve the quality of writing.

Paula Maute
Cambridge, MA

Clear writing is critical to your academic success!