Resumes & Cover Letters

A powerful résumé is essential for students, post-docs, research fellows, applying for jobs or graduate schools, fellowships, teaching positions. Just as important is your cover letter because it reflects your personality and summarizes your skills and experience.

Effective résumés are:

  • Clear, succinct, and powerful

  • One page, two pages at most (CVs are longer)

  • Free of typos and grammatical errors

  • “Easy on the eyes” — Nicely formatted, 10–12 pt. font, not brimming with details and cramped with text

In editing résumés and cover letters, I:

  • Correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word use

  • Streamline sentences and job descriptions

  • Begin job descriptions with strong, active verbs

  • Insert confident, colorful vocabulary

  • Highlight professional and academic accomplishments

Résumé and Cover Letter Rates