Structural Editing

In structural editing, I read papers thoroughly and comment on The Big Picture: the paper’s overall structure, clarity, and flow. I point out strengths and weaknesses:

  • Is your thesis clear … and threaded throughout?
  • Is your hypothesis precise and measurable?
  • Do your ideas flow logically?
  • Is your argument convincing?
  • Are the concepts well supported with facts, examples, statistics, theory, citations?
  • Do you address the problem, question, or thesis identified in the introduction?
  • Does your conclusion reflect your findings and offer a fresh perspective?

I also point out:

  • “Holes” in logic
  • Where transitions are needed
  • Where lifeless quotes could be paraphrased
  • Extraneous information that could be cut or placed in footnotes
  • Murky sentences that need rewriting
  • Redundancies
  • Where additional facts and details could clarify an idea
  • Language bias (age, cultural, gender, racial, religious, etc.)

In structural editing, I do not copy edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation … papers should be edited beforehand.

Structural Editing Fee: $50 for 1,000 words.

Call (617) 547-7647 to discuss your project and deadline, or email details to

Note: Please carefully read the edited document to review all of my changes and comments. I use Microsoft’s Track Changes (Revisions menu) so you can see every change, and accept or reject each.
Also see Disclaimer.