All levels — elementary, high school and university. Through in-class exercises and homework assignments students learn how to write:

  • Essays: comparative, personal narrative,  expository, and persuasive
  • Stellar introductions and conclusions
  • Short stories, flash fiction, and poetry
  • Metaphors, similes, personifications, etc.
  • Timed essays for standardized tests (e.g., MCAS, SAT)

Students also learn basic skills such as how to:

  • brainstorm, outline and draft and rewrite research papers and essays
  • write in first, second and third person voice

Writing tools, not rules!


  • Sharpen writing & analytic skills
  • Explore imagination and develop a personal “voice”
  • Examine structure and style

Classes:  Individual and small group lessons, $60 to $75 per session

Email: Wordwise.cambridge@gmail.com     Phone: 617-547-7647